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Level 2

I can't find IsCmdBld.exe

Where is it located? I am running the limited edition for visual studio and would like to automate my build through NANT using the command line.

I found online that I can use IsCmdBld.exe to build my install shield project from the command line...

Thanks for your help.
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Level 8


The ISCmdBld.exe is used to build a release from the command line and it is present in the Premier, Professional and Express Editions of InstallShield but not in InstallShield Limited Edition.

InstallShield Limited Edition has restricted functionality and is used to create simple installers. The other editions of InstallShield support the use of ISCmdBld.exe to build the projects from the command by passing several parameters.

Please navigate to the “ISCmdBld.exe” topic in the InstallShield Limited Edition help library for further information on this.
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