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Level 3

I Need Help Quick!!!!! Report Viewer Doesn't Install On 64 Bit

I'm using Installshield 2011 Express - I know there is a forum for it, but nobody uses it, there are only 97 threads in it and I am in a tight spot.

I'm supposed to release CDs to production tomorrow, and I just found out that the Reportviewer 2010 isn't getting installed on 64 bit Windows 7 OS.

What can I do to fix this? I can't find anything in any documentation that says anything about the reportviewer not getting installed on 64 bit systems.

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Level 5

Sorry this may be a late reply but if it helps, you need to check the Conditions for that Prerequisite item. When you're viewing the Redistributables area Right Click the ReportViewer item and select Edit Prerequisite. Then Select the Conditions tab.
Not sure if this package supports 64bit but the default settings only allow it to be installed on 32bit.

Good luck.

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