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Howto: programmatically define what features to install


I have two features in my installshield project and it does not make any sence to display user overwhelmed CustomSetup dialog. I want rather display something very simple - dialog with 2 checkboxes. Each checkbox is responcible for installation of one specific feature.
Each checkbox sets its property - so I have checkbox value (checked/unchecked), but how can I transform that value to something that will make feature to install or not install.
Should I create custom action to set some properties manually?
What are those properties?

Thank You.
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Flexera Alumni

Perhaps look into using the Remove and AddLocal control events on the Next button of your dialog box?
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Level 4

2 things

1) As rebert mentioned use addlocal and the feature name.
2) Also the installlevel of each feature should be higher than the installers INSTALLLEVEL property filed. (you can see this in property manager)
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Level 3

Thank you guys. It worked.
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