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Level 3

How uninstall .. before installation

I have 1.x version of my installer ...
now on the release of 2.x version of the installer...
i want to uninstall the previous version while installing the newer version.
I don't want to change the product code for newer version.

Project Type : Basic MSI

I want while installer is pushed for install it should first check whether previous version is installed.. then it should uninstall that version first and then should install the newer version...
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Level 7

Windows Installer supports small, minor, and major upgrades. Of these only major upgrade actually performs an uninstallation of previously installed versions. And major upgrade requires changing the ProductCode, and also the uninstall of the previous version does not happen at the very beginning, but takes place after UI is shown and right before the new setup is actually installed.

So it seems that with your restrictions in mind, you will need to issue a command to uninstall the previous MSI package, and then a separate command to install your new package. If you are using some kind of deployment mechanism, then perhaps it supports uninstalling MSI packages.
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