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How to selectively upgrade part of features of my program?

My program has several components which are independent of each other, so different components may have different versions. So when I publish a new version of my program, I hope that user can selectively upgrade just part of components, with rest components staying the old version. However, when I use the feature dialogs, those unselected features will be uninstalled, which is not what I expected. So I want to ask whether there is a way to selectively upgrade part of features? Do I need to write a custom dialog to implement this requirement?
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So your application exists in your installer project out of different components.

Lets say:
comp A - version 1.2.0
com B - version 1.6.0
comp C - version 1.5.0

form application v1.8

so when you release application v3.0 with
comp A - version 2.8.0
comp B - version 2.5.0
comp C - version 2.4.6

you can end up with application 3.0 with comp A V2, comp B V1 and comp C V2???

How do you test this as you have several different possibilities?

Personally I think this is not a good approach.
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