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Level 4

How to select Features

Hi All,

Basic MSI Package

I have around 8 features ( F1 to F8). F9 default

F2,F3& F4 (InstallLevel is set to 150) will be installed based on F1 is selected.

F5,F6 & F8 (InstallLevel is set to 150) will be installed based on F2 feature is selected.

*) How to determine whether a feature is selected in custom setup dialog
*) What type of conditions i need to add to make the other features installed if the feature is selected.

Please help me
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Level 6

Hi ,

I dont much about install level property If any one explain's it will be great help for me also. i didnt understand the install level property document explanation properly. But i always use to write install script to get the status of the feature is selected or not for installation.
szFeature = "XXXX";
MsiGetFeatureState(hMSI, szFeature, lResult, lAction);

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