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Level 5

How to see all command line switches used when setup.exe started?

I have an InstallScript MSI project. I know how to use /z to pass info to the CMDLINE InstallScript variable. What I'm looking for, though, is to access the entire set of arguments used when setup.exe was called. My problem starts with uninstalling from ARP - in my OnBegin I check for certain processes and if they are running they need to be shut down and the system rebooted before the uninstall can try again. I'm trying to set up RunOnce to restart the uninstall after reboot and need to pass it everything from the original commandline used by the ARP call. I know I'm probably missing something obvious, but at the moment I'm coming up empty.

Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks.
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Level 13

Try using the environment variable %CMDCMDLINE%. It returns the exact command line used to start the current cmd.exe.
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Level 5

I tried:
	if (GetEnvVar("CMDCMDLINE", svTemp)<0) then
MessageBox("Unable to find env var CMDCMDLINE", INFORMATION);
MessageBox("CMDCMDLINE : "+svTemp+":", INFORMATION);

and I get the "unable to find" message. So it appears that the CMDCMDLINE env var does not exist when the script is running. I'm guessing that is why the /z parameter exists to pass info to CMDLINE - but that doesn't help me since I'm trying to replicate the entire command line used to start setup.exe.
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Flexera Alumni

I haven't tried it, but perhaps the GetCommandLine API function? Something like:
prototype STRING Kernel32.GetCommandLineA( );

function OnBegin( )
MessageBox(GetCommandLineA( ), INFORMATION);
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Level 5

Thanks - looks like that should do it.
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Level 6

I mistakenly put my post in 'IS2010 Express', what I want to know is how to get the commandline information in Basic MSI project (the commandline executs setup.exe).

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