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Level 4

How to remove InstallShield water mark in Suite installer


I am working with InstallShield 2016 Suite project. I know how to change or Remove the Watermark in Basic MSI project but the same is not possible in Suite installer.
Can someone help me in removing the 'InstallShield' watermark on Suite Installer dialogs.


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Level 6

I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'd like to know as well if anybody else was able to make this work...
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Level 11

My best guess is that it's stored in a PE stub somewhere.

So, I'd start by thumbing through the InstallShield program files with a resource editor until you find a dialog that has the branding on it.

Good luck. Needle in a haystack kind of thing.
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Level 3

Heloo Seshu,

Do you know how to remove the "InstallShield" watermark and the line.

From the "String Editor" I am able to change "InstallShield" by what I want, by changing value of "IDS_INSTALLSHIELD" or "IDS_INSTALLSHIELD_FORMATTED".

But I would like to remove the grey box and the line.