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Level 3

How to redefine INSTALLDIR?


I currently have INSTALLDIR set to: \Program Files\ABCD. How to redefine my INSTALLDIR and set it to \Program Files? All installed files will stay in the same locations. All I want is to have INSTALLDIR set to different location.

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Level 3

I updated INSTALLDIR in the "Directory" table in "Direct Editor". It seems to be a good solution.
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Level 9

Directory Table! Be careful in there. Why couldn't you have just changed it in the "General Resources" -> INSTALLDIR?
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Level 16

Redefine at build time or install time?

For build time, take a look at the automation interface. The IswiProject object has an INSTALLDIR property that does very good job of reauthoring the Directory table for you. I'd rather this be a ProductConfiguration setting but it's not.

For Installtime, take a look at Type 51 and Type 35 custom actions scheduled before or after costing respectively.
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