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How to prevent dynamically linked files from being overwritten

I have an upgrader msi project, here's the situation - 
1. I have installed my product with fresh installer MSI which has dynamically linked files.
2. In that dynamically linked file there's a config file which I have changed accordingly
3. For next build I run the upgrader MSI and it overwrites the config file which I have changed.

So is there any option, where I should be able to set Not to overwrite such files, which are dynamically linked.

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Level 6

Use exclude file pattern (*.config) in dynamic file settings. 



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@Thananjeyan_M  That's a great suggestion, but in my product we have older versions as well, where those files doesn't exist, in that case upgrader msi needs to place that file, I can't really exclude that.
I want installer to leave that file if it's already there.


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