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Level 13

How to prevent 'Computing space requirements' search for 'My Documents' folder

We have some customers that redirect their local 'My Documents' folder to a network location.
In these cases when the action 'Computing space requirements' executes, it results in an error 1606 "Could not access network location \\SERVERNAME\users\\My Documents\.

I have scanned our msi, and there are no references to documents folder in the installer at all. I would expect that our MSI should only care about available disk space for the folder paths used in our installer. I really do not care about 'My Documents', where it lives, accessibility, and if there is enough disk space.

Is there any way to prevent this check? As far as I can see, this is a MSI engine issue.
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Level 9

I redirected my "My Documents" folder to one of our network drives where I have write access. I then launched a few different MSI files and they were able to get past "Computing space requirements" without any issue. These were all just MSI files (Basic MSI in Flexera terms).

Are you able to reproduce that issue? Basic MSI projects?

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