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How to make splitted installer

Hello Everyone!

I have a requirement to make an installer that is comprising on primarily two files. One is the exe and other can be the msi file for instance. I wish to make exe file as a very small sized file i.e. for few KB's.

The exe file and the other file needs to be kept on a server from where it will be downloaded in a manner as below:

The user downloads the setup.exe file (whose size is small).
The user then run the setup.exe file which will then connect to server and download the other file containing all the files / settings in it.
In case there is any interruption the setup.exe will resume the downloading from the point where it disconnected. Like DAP.

Then once the large file downloaded the setup without any click will install the application.

I have seen some applications having similar installers, not reminding the name yet.

Your quick response will be higly appreciated.
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Re: How to make splitted installer

Me too have same requirement

The above mentioned behavior can be observed in Yahoo and MSN installers.

I have used the Downloader Option in release but it doesn't resume the download from the last point where it was disconnected. 😞
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