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How to include .NET

Hi All,

The IS KB instructs to include .NET by the following way:

Releases View

1. Select the Releases view.

2. Click the desired release.

3. In the property sheet at right, set the .NET Framework Location property to a value other than Do Not Include.

4. Rebuild the setup.

Release Wizard

1. Select Build > Release Wizard.

2. Navigate through the wizard until you reach the .NET Framework panel.

3. Choose any option other than Do not include or set up .NET Framework.

4. Build the setup.

however, this way i can only include .NET 2.0 (for IS2009). How can I include 3.5? Can I do it using Redistributables settings?

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Re: How to include .NET

Yes, the more recent versions of the .NET Framework get installed via Prerequisites. InstallShield makes these available in the Redistributables view.
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Re: How to include .NET

Thank you.
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