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How to get in the scripts interface?

here is my problem,i use installshield 2009 and want to launch a .bat file in my installation,but don't know how
someone says using the LaunchAppAndWait function,so do i need to edit the setup scripts ,and how to enter the scripts interface.....
:confused: :confused:
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Level 4

Please go through the following help file snippet:

Creating InstallScript Files (IS Help)


You must have a file named Setup.rul in your project if you are using InstallScript. InstallScript MSI projects contain a Setup.rul file by default. You must add a Setup.rul file in a Basic MSI project or a merge module project if you want to use InstallScript custom actions.


To add a new InstallScript file to your project:

Open the InstallScript view.
In the InstallScript explorer, right-click Files and click New Script File.
Name the file.
New script files are named Setup.rul by default. If you already have a file called Setup.rul, a new file is added with the name Setupn.rul, where n is a successive number. You can rename the file by right-clicking it and then clicking Rename.

The new script file is placed in the Link To folder. InstallShield attempts to use a path variable in case you move your project. You cannot edit the Link To value.

You can also include additional header files (.h files) and script files. Repeat the above procedure to add a new script file to your project.
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