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Level 4

How to get a list into a ComboBox

In Basic MSI project, in Custom Dialog, how do I get a list (of, say, available fixed drives) into a combo box? Or a list box?
I have an InstallScript function to create this list, how do I pass it to a dialog, since there is no Control Id?
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Flexera Alumni

If it's drive letters you want, perhaps look into the VolumeSelectCombo control.
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Level 4

You are my hero!
I knew it cannot be as complicated as I was trying to make it!
Thank you, Robert!
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Level 6

I would like to use the VolumeSelectCombo control, but some reason It is not listing my network drives on Vista and Win7... Lists all the fixed and remote drives fine on XP. Is there something I'm missing with the control?
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