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Level 5

How to get ProductVersion+UpgradeCode in an Installscript Project

How can I retrieve the ProductVersion en de UpgradeCode in an installscript programmatically. I would like to use them so they can be written to the Registry.
In a basic MSI installation it was no problem?
I am using the TextSubSetValue for some other information i needed which works nicely with the registry values.

    TextSubSetValue("", PRODUCT_GUID , FALSE );

Anyone got some nice tips for me?
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Level 10

In an InstallScript project, there is a Product GUID (PRODUCT_GUID) and a Product Version (IFX_PRODUCT_VERSION), but no Upgrade Code. Upgrade Codes only apply to MSI installers.
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Level 5

Wow I didn't even know there was no upgradecode in a pure installscript project. Thanks for your reply
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