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How to get MSM property value from MSI handle.

I am working on InstallShield 2009 and i needed your help.

Actually i made one MSM project that contains some custom actions. I add a new Property say "FilePath" in Property Manager.
Now i make one custom action through "SetProperty" in MSM which set this Property i.e. "FilePath" to some value.

Now I have Basic MSI project which contains above MSM. I make one custom action in MSI project which call function in some DLL say "myproject.dll". Now when this custom Action is being called from MSI, it passes MSIHANDLE to myproject.dll function name.
Now from this function i want to access Merge module (MSM ) property value i.e "FilePath" value. But MSIHANDLE points to MSI, is there any way through which i can get "FilePath" property value in DLL function name.

I appreciate if i can get some response.

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Flexera Alumni

In your MsiGetProperty call, perhaps try getting the value of PropName.HHHHHHHH_HHHH_HHHH_..., where that HHHH value is the Module ID GUID value from the merge module? If you create a run-time log file (or open the finished MSI package), you'll see the specific value you'll want. The idea being that that decoration is supposed to keep identically named properties from different merge modules from colliding in the combined project...
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