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How to fix, that *isproj File will not checked out automatically?


in addition to my Visual Studio Project, I have included an Install-Shield-Project in Visual Studio 2013. Both projects are under source control (not TFS!, third Party connected by scc-protocol).

Every time I open the whole Visual Studio Solution (*.sln), the *isproj File is checked out auotmatically. This behaviour ist also described in an other forum:

But there isn`t mentioned any solution.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance.
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Level 9


There has been an issue raised on this case and our engineering team is working on the same. The work order number is IOA-000074725.

We shall keep you updated.

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Level 6

not sure what causes it, but loading the isproj file in VS automatically removes the "read only" flag from the file, since this is a change to the file properties TFS / VS will automatically check it out because there is a change.
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