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How to download InstallShield


I've a problem. My company bought license InstallShield 2019

We have a document with Maintenance Plan ID ana Product Number

We registered, and i see my license in Registered Products, but i don't know Account ID

How can i see Account ID in my profile, or how can i get it?

And how can i download the product?


P.S.  I have access то account's e-mail, but  i don't have mail from Password Finder.


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Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Hi so_lumex

You can access all of your company's InstallShield downloads in the Product and License Center, often abbreviated as PLC. There are directions to access the Product and License Center available in the knowledge base article below:  

How to Access the Product and License Center:

You may need to work with the person that placed the order for InstallShield from your company as they have have been listed as the ship to contact giving them full access, and the ability to create new PLC accounts. 

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