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How to digital sign installer

Can someone point me in the right direction for generating the SSL cert that is used to digital sign a build? 

I'm used to doing it for a website,  generating a cert request for a web directory in IIS,  submitting to Verisign or GoDaddy and getting a key and completing the request in IIS.

What exactly is needed for InstallShield and how do I go about creating the cert request to submit to Verisign/GoDaddy for a software exe?

The only documentation I can find is this https://docs.revenera.com/isxhelp22/helplibrary/DigitalSigningSecurity.htm and it doesn't really clear up my confusion on HOW to generate the request needed for the cert?


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Hi @davferg5000,

Thank you for your post.

Sorry about the confusion.

This is also the only documentation that I found about digital signing requirements:


However, we don't have specific steps on how to request a digital certificate from a Certificate Authority because that's specific to the Certificate Authority and that depends on how the Certificate Authority has their website set up. I think the best option at this point is to contact a Certificate Authority, such as DigiCert (I believe the digital certificate aspect of Verisign became part of DigiCert.) or GoDaddy, and have them walk you through your options and how to proceed. I would explain that you are trying to digitally sign an installer by building the installer with InstallShield. I would expect that they could give you some guidance.

Please give that a try. Does that work for you?

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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