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How to define condition not to run an installshield prerequisite

We were using Visual Studio bootstraps (VS2010 deployment project) for all our prerequisites.

I try to convert a bootstrap's product.xml (coming from 3rd-party maker) to InstallShield Prerequisite using Prerequisite editor which allows the defintion of conditions.

The condition checks an entry in the registry for a version v. If the version = v it skips the install, if the version is < or > to v it fails and it installs otherwise.

The editor only allows run condition. How can I state failure condition (i.e. older or newer version exists)?
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Flexera MichaelU

Re: How to define condition not to run an installshield prerequisite

InstallShield prerequisites are not quite that flexible. You can specify a condition that indicates you need to install the prerequisites, and if the evaluation of that condition changes after installation, the prerequisite succeeds. You can couple this with a System Search and LaunchCondition or similar check to verify in the main install whether this package is properly present.

If you can use the new Suite projects, you can more completely model this scenario. I would use an eligibility condition of Any(no-version, matching-version), a detection condition of matching-version, and an Exit Condition on the package if you want to abort when the package is not eligible.
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