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How to create folder on non-windows volume on the target system


I have a basic MSI project in IS2014 that installs my application on the C drive. I want to create a folder structure on the D drive where all the data shall reside as D drive has plenty of space. We ship the workstation with our system, so I know it has a D drive with plenty of space.

There does not seem to be a way to specify drive when specifying folders on the target system under Files and Folders section. All the predefined folders reside on C drive.

How do I create folders on the D (non-windows volume) drive?

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Level 9

This is fairly easy to do. In your project if you go to "Application Data" in the left hand node, then choose Files and Folders - in the middle pane it will show the "Destination Computer" at the top of the folders. If you right click on this choice you can then say "New Folder" and type in D:\ and the right click on the new D:\ and choose New Folder to build up your structure. It will create default Components for you as you do this that you can rename as you see fit.

I hope that helps some.

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