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Level 4

How to create a condition of installing one of two files

Hi All,

I need to give an user a choice of selecting one of two options; depending on the choice, it should add either file1 or file2 (the same target directory and same file names).

How can I do this?

I tried using Features, but doesn't give me a choice - either one or another.

Please advise.

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Level 6

Add condition in the component level. make the two files as separte component and according to the return value from the user selection add the condition (eg: UserChecked=1)
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Level 7


What type of project are you using? I'm using InstallScript and with that I unselected both Features (separate features for each file) and only selected them (in code) dependent on user interactions. I used this to determine which formated file the user was given...

I can't really help you much if you're using a MSI project...
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Level 4

Thank you, guys. Sorrry for late replying... I am using MSI project. I will try adding conditions in the component level... should work, I think
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