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How to check for dependency products as a launch condition

We have a new config project created, for which during installation it need to check whether the main product installed or not(another msi project created using installshield). This msi2 should look for msi1 installed or not and should fail by showing an error message as msi1 should be installed prior to this and stop the installation.   This msi1 can be any version of it so can check with upgrade code. But there is a minimum version limit also, it cannot be less than a specific version which we need to able to set.   Please suggest how to achieve this.   I tried using LaunchConditions but not able to gather any conditions related to this.

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Hi @rsingh1,

Thank you for your post.

You could try configuring a system search that checks whether a file exists or Windows Registry entry exists or something like that that will only exist if msi1 is already installed. You could store the result of this system search in a public MSI property with its name in all uppercase. Then you could use the MSI property an Install Condition, which is also known as a Launch Condition. Similarly, you could try configuring a system search to retrieve the product version of msi1 based on an existing file or an existing Windows Registry entry or something of that nature. Again, you could store the result of the system search in a different public MSI property with its name in all uppercase and use the MSI property in an Install Condition.

Please give that a try. Does that work for you?

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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