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How to change user interface dialog of prerequisite window in Basic MSI project?


I have created Basic MSI project using Installshield 2009 in that project I have added two prerequisite installers using prerequisite editor. In execute mode,
I want to customize that window so that I can add icons, checkbox for every prerequisite option with status.

Is this possible? If yes then How? If no then any other way to manage this?

I want to hide After installtion window which is coming when prerequisite window available in windows 2003 server.

I want create setup like VS2005 professional edition which contains many options installation and there is checkmark for completed setup.

If any one knows please tell me!!

Thanks & Regards
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Level 6

I don't think it is possible. You may have to write a custom bootstrapper to drive the msi's or simple hta files like SQL Server 05 did.
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