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How to arrange Shortcuts installation order

I thought it should be simple but I could not find a way to re-arrange shortcuts orders in the installation project.

What I need is to add a new shortcut into exsiting shortcuts. But InstallShield only allows me to add the shortcut into the bottom of the shortcut list. But I want to insert the new shortcut in the middle of the shortcut list.

Appreciate your help if you know how to achieve the little thing.
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More explanation needed...

If I think I understand what you're doing, then in reality, it shouldn't actually matter. Whatever order you create the shortcuts in InstallShield won't affect the order in which they're displayed in Windows in your installation.

Under XP, you could make shortcuts appear in a specific order, but I think under Vista and Win7, that actually doesn't work, or doesn't work well at least. It uses some weird logic for displaying shortcut order based on alphabetical order and name length. So even if you did create the shortcuts in InstallShield in the order you wanted, I doubt that your installation they would be displayed in that specific order.

If you want to directly control your shortcut creation order you can make them manually with: AddFolderIcon() something like below...

if (AddFolderIcon( FOLDER_PROGRAMS ^ IFX_COMPANY_NAME, IFX_PRODUCT_NAME, szCmdLine, szWorkingDir, szIconPath, nIcon, szShortCutKey, REPLACE ) < 0) then
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