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How to add mutiple Install Destination path in Installshield using automation project

We can add the file in the Installshield Destination folder, using below mentioned code using c# .in below example all the file gets installed into “c:\\abc” location

ISWiProject oISWiProj = new ISWiProject();
oISWiProj.OpenProject(@“c:\user\installer.ism”, false);

oISWiProj.INSTALLDIR =”C:\\abc”;

I have a query how to give multiple destination location path using c# in Install shield automation project?
For example Suppose user want some file should get installed c:\abc location and some file into c:\Program File folder.
can anyone suggest how to do add multiple Installer destination location path in Installshield in 2010 version using InstallShield automation Interface in c#?
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Level 2

Following code can be used to add file from diffrenct destination location.

ISWiComponent component1 = oISWiProj.AddComponent(CommonDef.COMPONENT_NAME_TEST);
component1.Destination = "D:\\Ajay";
ISWiFeature oFeature = oISWiProj.AddFeature(CommonDef.FEATURE_NAME_TEST);
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