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How to add dll files

Hi, I just installed Installshield to deploy a project.

When I create an Installshield project, I only see the name of my project, "Getting started", "Learn more" and "Project assistant". But I can't expand the "Organize your setup", "Specify Application Data" and all the other nodes. I looked on internet an couldn't find an answer. Help would be very appreciated.

I want to add the DLL files that I linked with dynamically to my Installshield setup. That is why I need to expand the nodes (If there is a way to add the DLL without expanding the nodes, it will fix my problem too)

Thank you !
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I am going to assume you are using InstallShield 2015 Professional or Premium.
When you start IS2015 for the first time you are presented with a page so that you can create a new project. The new project has to be created before you can add files, logic, and other items.
It sounds as if you have created a new project, but you did not specify what type of project you are creating.
The options are
* Basic MSI Project
* Merge Module Project (not the type you want based on your description)
* InstallScript Project
* Suite / Advanced UI
* DIM Project

Based on your description you want to create a Basic MSI or InstallScript Project. These are designed for deploying files. The other types of projects, without going into too much detail are essentially 'organizational' types of projects.

So let's assume you created a Basic MSI project.
When you come into the project you will see a project assistance tab. At the bottom of the screen are several icons and navigation buttons for this wizard interface. I would recommend using the navigation buttons on the bottom. Click the navigation button on the right to move to the Application Information panel. Specify the correct information here and click the arrow on the right to move to Install requirements, and continue the process until you get to Application Files. This is where you will add your project dll files.

Here are some links that may help as well.
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Thank you for your fast answer dlee.

I actually have installshield limited edition for Visual Studio.
I managed to build my project and now the setup works (At least on my pc).

But I still have the issue where I can't expand the tabs "organize your setup", "specify application data", etc.

This only happens when I add an installshield project to an existing solution. When I create a solution with only an installshield project in it, I can expand the tabs.

I screenshotted the situation.

If anyone has any information that would be helpful, I would like to hear from them.
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Unfortunately I do not have any experience with the version for Visual Studio. Good luck. 🙂
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