How to Verify an Upgrade?

Is there a tool to verify that an upgrade occurred properly? I have encountered a few issues where a clean install works correctly but upgrades from previous versions causes problems. Some of these problems are due to unintended behaviour (i.e. a bug) in a previous installer.

Basically I would like to compare a portion of the filesystem, registry and the IIS configuration from a system that had a clean install performed verses various upgrade scenarios.
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Re: How to Verify an Upgrade?

When you define your upgrade in the Upgrades view, it will automatically do upgrade validation during the build process. This is assuming that you have also changed the version number and associated GUIDs in the General Information view, which signals to the Windows Installer what type of upgrade you are doing.

The validation during building will bring up some issues that may help. However, I am not aware of an external program that does this. Perhaps other people will know of something.
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