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How to Use VB Script in Custom Actions?

Hi All, My plan is to copy two pdf files(User Manual) and store into USERPROFILE (Win 7) while installing msi file. How can we do this using custom actions? Can anyone guide me?
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Level 12

A few questions before deciding on the approach.

  • Is your installation installing the 2 pdf files?
  • If so, are you installing and then duplicating them to USERPROFILE folder?
  • During (minor/major) upgrade, will those in USERPROFILE folder be updated?
  • During uninstallation, will those in USERPROFILE folder be removed?

Don't jump to custom action hastily. For every custom action created, you will need 3 more custom actions (1 rollback custom action, 1 uninstall custom action and 1 rollback for uninstall custom action). You will have to consider how these custom action should affect during upgrade.
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