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How to Uninstall Existing product?


I am new bee to InstallShield and InstallScript. I was given a task to enhance our installshield package (Basic MSI Project) to uninstall the existing product (if any) before installing the new version. Also after uninstall, if the installation folder still exists, I should delete it (just to allow cleaner installation).

We are not using any shared (or system) dlls.

I thought there should be a option in the InstallShield (Basic MSI project) to accomplish the above task. But looks like I have to write custom Install Script to accomplish this task.

Can any one point me some example scripts (or tutorials) to add the uninstall first feature to my installshield project?

Thanks in advance
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Level 10

are you using an InstallScript, InstallScript MSI, or Basic MSI project type?
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Level 10

How was the original package created?

If it was also an MSI, you should be able to use a major upgrade item to uninstall it.

If it was an InstallScript project, you should be able to create an executable-type CustomAction to run the uninstall command. (Which you may be able to read from the registry items for the original install.)
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