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How should I go about upgrading my app?

I have full installation packages for A and B. I would like to create a patch that updates both A and B to C (updating two files). When I try to create a patch, it never works for both A and B. 

I'd like to use InstallShield to do this if I can, but I don't want to do a full uninstall/reinstall, and I also don't want to create two versions of the patch. Any idea what the best route would be?

I've created an .exe using Visual Studio that updates the two files, but I keep seeing people say that's a bad idea, although I don't know why. 


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Level 4

patch consideration should be there.

You cannot the change the product and upgrade code for each build.

step 1.In Patch design view you can add both A and B setup in previous setup.

step 2  Create full setup with latest file and add it in Latest in Patch design view.

step 3 Create patch build .

Note : In Patch configuration you have to click advance option

set MSI Command line arguments (REINSTALLMODE=e REINSTALL=ALL)

Set Include whole if required in build settings under advance Option.


I'll give that a try thank you so much!

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