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How does InstallShield patches work with code signing


I have two Dlls.

LargeModule.dll 10 MB
SmallModule.dll 1 MB

Both of them are signed using a code signing certificate. My InstallShield installer is about 15MB.

I did a minor change to SmallModule.dll and re-compiled both modules with a minor version upgrade (i.e. 1.0.0 to 1.0.1). Then signed the dlls again. After that I used an InstallShield patch release to create a new installer to distribute. Since both files are changed (due to version number change) I expected the patch to be about the same size as the original installer. However, it is lot smaller... ~1MB.

How does InstallShield do this patching without breaking my signature?

Thanks heaps in advance.
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Re: How does InstallShield patches work with code signing

Acutally, please discard this question. I just realized this can be done with a bin diff.
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