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How do you disable the awful Customer Community tab that pops up JavaScript errors?

We've installed InstallShield LE for Visual Studio. Like the people here ( and here (, we are experiencing the horrible "Customer Community tab" problem. When we rebuild our solution, it doesn't matter whether the build was successful without errors or failed with errors: Every single time, a "Flexera Customer Community" tab opens up in the document pane in Visual Studio. What's worse: It's full of JavaScript errors! We get no less than 7 JavaScript error pop-up dialogs every time the window opens, sometimes more!!!

How do we disable this gawdawful window from opening up? It serves no purpose whatsoever and it's hurting our productivity. We'll stop using InstallShield if we have to (yes, it's really THAT bad).
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Level 9

Hello Nicholas,

A work order has been raised for this issue and our engineering team is currently looking into it.

I shall provide you with the updates when I hear from them.

Thank you for your patience.

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