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How do I use InstallShield on VMware without corrupting the license?

We use VMware virtual machines for development at work because of security policy, and we have InstallShield 2022 installed on a VM running Windows 10. The license has been corrupted more than once and I believe it's because of the way VMware works. Support has been helpful to reactivate the license, but we need to be able to build our product at any time, and can't always wait for support.

I have set up a fixed MAC address and we don't use the suspend feature, but the license can still be corrupted when I don't think we did anything out of the ordinary. Are there settings in VMware that can prevent the VM from doing something that would corrupt the license? Is it acceptable to revert to a snapshot if Windows was shut down when it was taken? Are there any other 'rules' that we can follow to keep things running?

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