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Level 2

How do I query for an EXE Action return code


I'm working on Advanced UI\Suite project in InstallShield 2015. I need to run an executable and test the return code I got from it.
I created an action with ignore, abort and reboot codes and I see them in the debug log, but I couldn't find where it is being saved and how to question it in a condition.

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Level 9

If you set the Return Processing on your Custom Action to either

Asynchronous (Wait for exit code)


Synchronous (Check exit code)

Then it does one thing. It will check each custom action return code for a value of 1. To it, 1 indicates success and any other value is a failure.

To check the exact value of the return code you might want to look at calling your EXE from InstallScript or some other language. If you used InstallScript then you can run your EXE by using LaunchAppAndWait() function which allows you to do error handling on the function.

See here for more info.

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