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How do I pass parameters to a batch file in installshield?


I am trying to generate a .msi file using install shield,I have to run a batch file for that in the process which i am able to,but i cannot find how to pass a parameter to this batch file.
please let me know if any one has an idea reg this.

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Not sure if this helps

If you are trying to run a batch file, you might want to use a custom action (EXE with a path referencing a directory). For your working folder, you'd want [SystemFolder]. For your executable and command line args, you'd want cmd.exe /k "batchfile.bat %commandlinearguments%", where %commandlinearguments% is equal to you args you need.

I'm actually not sure if that would work... but it would be where I'd start if I needed to run a batch file from an install.

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