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How can we add .Net 4.5 with Visual Studio 2012 with Installshield LE

The InstallShield 2012 Spring Limited Edition Release Notes States:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Prerequisites
InstallShield includes two new .NET-related InstallShield prerequisites that you can add to projects:
 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Full
 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Web

These Prerequisites do not show up as an option.

I have run the Updates under Installshield LE menu and no update available.

The version I have installed contains the Software Identification Tag that is listed as a new option in the Spring release so I asume this is the latest.

So how do I get the new options for .Net 4.5?


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Level 7

Have you installed the final released version of InstallShield 2012 Spring Limited Edition?

To obtain the update, you can use the Check for Updates feature in InstallShield. To check for updates from within an InstallShield Limited Edition project:

On the InstallShield LE menu, click Check for Updates.

InstallShield launches FlexNet Connect, which checks for updates.
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