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Level 2

How can I get activation ?

I tried to install an ISLE 2013.
But I got an Error for using internet activation process(of course my internet connection is available).
So I tried to do Offline Activation, and send a request e-mail.
But I have not got an reply from

Q1. How long do I have to wait the replay ?

Q2. How can I try to do an internet activation method ?
I can not select it again after selecting an Offline Activation method.
I want to try an internet activation again.

Please help me.
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Level 9

Hi Toshiyuki,

To try out the internet activation again on your machine, kindly download ISLE and activate it with the new serial key that you receive from this download.

Please let me know if this is not helping.

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Level 3

Hello Chaitra,

I have tried what you mentioned below and it does not work for me. My machine keeps prompting me for offline activation which fails and I cannot find a way to initiate online activation.
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Level 9


Do you have network connection for your system? Online activation will not take much of your time. Have you logged in as an admin to your system?

Please register and download ISLE from the below link:

And let me know if this did not help.

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