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How can I Call, LaunchAppAndWait() after reboot?

Hello There,

Is there any way to call LaunchAppAndWait after rebooting system.

here is the sample code:
if ( FindAllFiles ( WindowsFolder ^ "Microsoft.NET" ^ "Framework", "regasm.exe", svResult, RESET ) == 0 ) then
svPath = INSTALLDIR ^ "xxx" ^ "xxx"^ "obj.dll /codebase /tlb";
MessageBox("svpath : "+svPath,INFORMATION);
LongPathToQuote ( svPath, TRUE );
if (LaunchAppAndWait ( svResult, svPath, WAIT ) < 0) then
MessageBox (" Unable to launch " + svPath + ".", SEVERE);

I wanted to generate tlb file for a .NET dll. How it is prossible?
Please suggest.

NOTE: I do not want to use "RunOnce" as the dll file resides in INSTALLDIR. I cant hardcode the dll path in a batch file.
Thanks in advance,

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Level 3

Finally I got some solution.
Its not that much difficult.
set BATCH_INSTALL = TRUE in your OnFirstUIBefore() function.
Then you can write your logic in OnRebooted() function.
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