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How Uninstall then Install Without Stopping

The InstallShield 2020 Premier Suite/Advanced UI project that I inherited works as follows:  if a prior version of the product exists, it displays a window with Modify, Repair, Remove buttons.  If you click Remove, it uninstalls the product, then displays a Wizard page informing the user that the product was uninstalled.   The user has one option, to click a button labeled "Finish;" then the application ends.  To continue with the installation, the user must double-click setup again. Is there a way to have it just continue with the installation if the user clicks a button on this final window?  Or to just silently continue after removal and begin installation?   

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Level 6

I'd like to know if this is possible as well. At this point I've only had time to speculate, but I wondered if one could create a Setup Prerequisite that would check for the existence of the prior version of the product, and run the uninstall command-line.

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