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How To Use A User Entered Property Value As the Destination Directory For Files?

Hello all,

I have created a basic MSI. It contains prompts for the user to enter a specific directory where files are to be installed. This entered value is stored as a property _PXPInsLoc. How can I use this property as the destination of a component that was defined that has the files to be installed?

I have attached a PDF with screen snapshots.


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I'm assuming all the Directory Name properties are created in the Fils and Folders view with default values. What you can then do is create separate "Set Directory" custom actions for each directory, I'm not sure if you should use different names for the entries or the same name but you could schedule the custom actoins when clicking the Next button.

Custom Action -> New Set Directory

Directory Name = DIRECTORY_NAME
Directory Value = [NEW_DIRECTORY_NAME]

DIRECTORY_NAME needs to exist in Directory table, can be created in Application Data - Files and Folders.
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