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How To Update An Existing Installation

I'm completely new to InstallShield. I've downloaded the Professional version for evalution. I've figured out how to set up an initial setup program with the installation of files, that was rather easy. The more daunting aspect for me, is how do I update and existing installation?

I’d like an update package that will perform the following tasks.

  • I don’t want to remove the files that are already there. In other words, remove all files and just install new files. For example, the target file structure has configuration files with specific configuration information that is set AFTER installation to deal with the target host system. I don’t want to repeatedly have to modify that configuration file. In other words, install it once and leave it.

  • Add new files if there are any to be added.

  • Overwrite files at the target location if the same file name is present in the new installation package.

  • Modify the version number of the Installer so it’s obvious the installation has changed since the previous.

I’ve read about updating, but it’s just all rather overwhelming, to me at any rate. I don’t know where to begin.
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Level 9

you can refer Major upgrade and Minor upgrade documentation to begin with.
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