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Host ID for ec2 instance with two ENI

Mornings - I too am interested in a similar question to dianalenart  (I noticed the subject "Host ID for a server with two ethernet adapters)

My goal is to move the build machine to an EC2 instance on AWS.

Because the MAC address changes on a new ec2 instance, my thought was to attach a secondary nic (called an ENI in Amazon world).  This secondary ENI will be static, long running and attached to one ec2 instance at a time.  If the ec2 instance gets terminated, for whatever reason, the ENI with be disconnected from that instance and attached to the replacement. 

Therefor I need (hope) to register/activate the license against the secondary ENI. Sadly FelexNetHostIDExe returns the MAC addresss of the primary. 

1.  Getting the MAC address  is easy.  If I get the MAC address of the secondary ENI and activate the license against it, will this cause any issues down the road (possibly during a automatic reactivation)  Will it even allow me to activate it against the secondary ENI. It's tough to test these things as of course moving keys around is a limited activity without involving support.

2. Is there an easier/better way of doing what I am trying to accomplish?


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Re: Host ID for ec2 instance with two ENI

Oh - InstallShield2018SP1StandaloneBuild
Perpetual node-lock license
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