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Level 2

High DPI and MSI

How are images supposed to be handled so high dpi machines look correct when running an msi installation? I have a basic msi installation I have been using for years and have upgraded the application to support high dpi. I see discussions about installscript and advanced ui, but not msi.

- Splash Screen (support files)- looks like all it supports is bmp. Can other files be added like image.dpi.png?
- Dialog banner images - Only bmp support?
- Internal images like the folder in the destination folder dialog - dsticon.ibd - why a ibd and not an ico where you can have multiple resolutions? What is special about an ibd anyway?

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Level 9

Generally nothing is special about an .IBD file. That just is Flexera's own extension that they came up with and it means "InstallShield Binary Data". Take a given .IBD file and rename it to .BMP and open it in Windows Paint. Works for me every time.

I believe MSI does generally only support BMP file format for graphics, yes. I call mine NewFolder.BMP and UpLevel.BMP for the file names.

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