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Hide Property set in .Net Class Installer Arguments from log


Is there a way to hide properties such as password from the log when they are set in the .NET Installer Class Arguments?

I know about MsiHiddenProperties but it does not work for .NET Installer Class Arguments.

example of the log file:
MSI (s) (14:58) [11:41:28:566]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding _71570DA8B4C164E51CB039AF4DDFEC9E.install property. Its value is '/installtype=notransaction /action=install /SERVICEUSERNAME=".\Administrator" /SERVICEPASSWORD="mypassword" /LogFile= "C:\Program Files (x86)\my Company\server.exe" "C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2\{58E04602-7211-4808-8367-60DC9BCB8642}\_isconfig.xml"'.
Action ended 11:41:28: _71570DA8B4C164E51CB039AF4DDFEC9E.install.SetProperty. Return value 1.
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I don't think there is away to do it
InstallLibUtil won;t know how to read the value otherwise.

Hopefully someone will tell you otherwise.
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Level 11

Vijay is right; InstallUtilLib is coded to write to the log on that fashion.

However, you could get around it by calling InstallUtil.exe from a script action, potentially. That way the installer class should run, but not write anything to the log.

Another thought is to move away from using Installer Classes and author whatever other registry or service configurations you might need outside the installer class.

Most configuration tasks can be done with Windows Installer without introducing extra executable code into the installation process (search through these forums for '-1001', and you'll see why I say this...).
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