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Help with evaluating 2008 premium as an upgrade route from IS Developer 8.2

We have been using InstallShield developer 8SP2 for the past 5 years and have written many scripts using the IS COM Automation API to build releases and patches.

We were considering upgrading to version 12, but 2008 has just become available (not sure of the differences) and so we will now consider 2008.

I've been asked to evaluate the work involved in porting our installs (3 of them) and the scripts which build releases/patches.

I'm downloading IS2008 premium evaluation edition. Does this give me access to the Standaline build so I can test automation API scripts for the 21-day evaluation period?

Also, our projects are all InstallScripts MSI - we wanted a flexible script-driven UI (the windows installer of 2002/03 was terrible for UI development) coupled with an MSI engine deployment so we went for a hybrid model rather than a Basic MSI. Is there any good references which highlight problems with upgrading InstallScript MSI project types?

Many thanks.

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Flexera Alumni

For considerations to bear in mind when upgrading MSI projects that use InstallScript, please see [thread=169870]this thread[/thread].
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