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Level 2

Help with building a install project for a folder with .dll, .exe, .cmd, files and et

Does anyone know of a good source I could go to in building a basic installation package for a folder for Connection Management, containing, .dll, .exe, .cmd, .xml files. I just need to create a basic package that will install the program onto the users computer.

I am in need of assistance as my boss gave me my first project and I am lost. Any leads out there? I would be deeply grateful.

I am working with Visual Studio 2012 and have Installshield LE installed.

Thank you so much.
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Level 7

Here is a tutorial which may help.

You may find LE rather limited, so you might want to consider the following. This may appear overwhelming but is really simple once you get the hang of it.
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Level 2

thank you phill_mn for the help. Much appreciated. I will try it out. I have some familiarity with WiX (nothing extensive) I just thought it might be too much for the basic installation of dll files, but perhaps I was wrong. I appreciate your advice.
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