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Help with Condition Not Installed for a Component

I'm trying to control if a component is to be installed or not by using the condition. Se attached file. If a previews version of the setup is installed on the computer, then I don't want to install the files in the specific component. But its not working, the files is overwritten every time a install the update. Does anyone knows whats wrong?
The previews version is and the new version is

// Jason
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There is a conditions cheatsheet linked on this blog post ( ) , "NOT Installed" is described as "First time installation" I think it checks that the current version you are installing is not installed rather than specific files (so it would not run in say a repair installation situation I think).

You may be able to get it to do what you want by selecting "Never overwrite" to "Yes" for that component.

Hope that works, let me know!
50 bucks little man!
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Level 3

I see "First time installation"
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