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Level 2

Help please, can't find where to put 'installfinalize'

I've created a MSI using WiX which does what I want but my colleague wants me to recreate it in IS. In the UI I can see the 'Custom Actions' section (5) but I can't see anything that refers to 'Installfinalize'.

I am attempting to run a VBScript with 'execute=immediate' which modifies some config files post installation.
Is it easy to do in the UI or is there a hidden XML editor where I can add it manually?
Sorry to sound so dim but NP++ and Wix Editor are my usual tools.
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Level 12

Express Edition does not expose all aspects of MSI in the IDE, while Profession and Premier Edition do.

Profession and Premier Edition can save project file in XML format, I don't recall on top of my head if Express has the option. If it does and if you are familiar with MSI tables, you can try editing the underlying tables yourself.
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